Windows XP and Browser Compatibilities

1. Internet Explorer:
The highest IE version that a machine running on Windows XP would allow an installation is IE 8, it is more secured than IE 7. However, it is not as modern as the current version of IE 11. Furthermore, when one tries to download IE 8 directly from the Microsoft website, there would be a message indicating incompatibilities between this application and Windows XP. That is because IE is very OS dependent, as in being considered components of the OS. Thus, April 8 2014 has been the last date that one would be able to download and install IE 8 on the expired OS. It is notable that an installed IE 8 (prior to the expiration date) on a Windows XP machine would practically be frozen – there would be no security updates to protect users from newer technologies such as HTML5, Canvas, Web Sockets, etc. Though Java support would still continue as Java is independent of the OS and the Browser.
2. Chrome:
Google has stopped its support for Windows XP since April 2015. Any currently installed Chrome on this OS will still function without the ability to update. New installation from the Google main site will yield errors to the effect of informing new installers of this unsupported OS.
3. Firefox:
Surprisingly, the latest version of Firefox (currently 44) would still install on Windows XP just fine. As a matter of fact, it runs very efficiently on this expired OS. Hence, we recommend that users who still have Windows XP to install this browser for better performance and security. Although, it is known that IE 8 would be most compatible with sites that are programmed with ASP or the .NET framework, which many government and financial institution seems to have been perusing at large. Thus, most users who are still on XP are recommended to retain IE for the ability to access a certain known sites, while the rest should be viewed via Firefox
4. Other browsers:
Good browsers such as Opera, currently basing on Chromium, would still be installable on Windows XP. For purposes of brevity, we’re refraining from detailing the rest of the competing brands of Internet browsers as we try to keep this article simple for the average computer user. As of this writing, we have not yet tested Safari, Torch, Maxthon, SeaMonkey, Avant Browser, Deepnet Explorer. Our readers are welcomed to experiment with those tertiary softwares.

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