Windows Domain Controller restore Procedure

1. Terminate instance on AWS or Delete VM from VMWare
2. Perform these steps on a Live Windows 2003 Domain Controller with an Enterprise Admin account
MMC >> Active Directory Sites and Services >> Sites >> Amazon-Web-Services >> Servers >> right-click dead domain controller, select Properties >> Object tab, uncheck Protect object from accidental deletion >> OK >> right-click NTDS Settings, select Properties >> General tab, uncheck Global Catalog >> Object tab, uncheck Protect object from accidental deletion >> OK
MMC >> Active Directory Users and Computers >> right-click [correct domain name], select Find >> change Find drop-down menu to Computers >> type in [dead DC computer name] >> Find Now >> right-click object, Delete >> OK
MMC >> DNS >> [DNS Server] >> Forward Lookup Zones >> [domain name] >> browse through to locate the Host (A) and/or CNAME records corresponding to dead DC >> right-click object, Delete >> OK
CMD >> NTDSUTIL >> metadata cleanup >> connections >> connect to [PDC name] >> q >> select operation target >> list domains >> select domain 0 [if there’s only 1 domain in this forest] >> list sites >> select site [number corresponding to correct site] >> list servers in site >> select server [number corresponding to dead DC] >> q >> remove selected server

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