Windows computer naming Convention

It is highly recommended that a computer name be as follows:
    Descriptive of its function
    Unique from other objects in the same namespace or domain
    Short and easy to remember
    Intranet name be a sub-domain of the company’s publicly registered domain name (i.e.
Maximum characters: 15 (intranet), 63 (total FQDN length)
Disallowed characters:
    backslash (\)
    slash mark (/)
    colon (:)
    asterisk (*)
    question mark (?)
    quotation mark (“)
    less than sign (<)
    greater than sign (>)
    vertical bar (|)
    comma (,)
    tilde (~)
    colon (:)
    exclamation point (!)
    at sign (@)
    number sign (#)
    dollar sign ($)
    percent (%)
    caret (^)
    ampersand (&)
    apostrophe (‘)
    period (.)
    parentheses (())
    braces ({})
    underscore (_)
    white space (blank)
Other requirements:
   The first character must be alphabetical or numeric.
   The last character must not be a minus sign or a period.
Reserved names per RFC 952

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