Windows 2016: NIC Teaming

  1. OS: Microsoft Windows Server 2016
  2. Network Switch: Cisco Nexus 9000 NX-OS with dual supervisors, named SW1 & SW2
  3. Physical connections: 2 x 10G-Base Ethernet cables connecting the server to 2 switches
Switch Configuration

Ports eth1/1,2/1 native vlan 100 lacp lag group1 access mode

Windows Configuration

Run these PowerShell Commands

# Initialize Teaming
Add-NetLbfoTeamNIC -Team "Team1" -VlanID 100

# Set Teaming mode
Set-NetLbfoTeam -Name "Team1" -TeamingMode LACP -LoadBalancingAlgorithm Dynamic

# Add Team members
Add-NetLbfoTeamMember -Name "Embedded FlexibleLOM 1 Port 1 2" -Team "Team1"
Add-NetLbfoTeamMember -Name "Embedded FlexibleLOM 1 Port 2 2" -Team "Team1"

# Check Teaming setup

Sample Result:

Name : Team1
Members : {Embedded FlexibleLOM 1 Port 1 2, Embedded FlexibleLOM 1 Port 2 2}
TeamNics : Team1
TeamingMode : Lacp
LoadBalancingAlgorithm : Dynamic
LacpTimer : Fast
Status : Up
Want to See Pictures?

Open Server Manager > Local Server > Under Properties, locate “NIC Teaming” > click Enabled or Disabled > NIC Teaming windows should appear

Within the ADAPTERS AND INTERFACES, hold Ctrl key while selecting the 2 NICs to be grouped > right-click on them > click Add to New Team > expand Additional properties > set the Teaming mode = LACP, Load balancing mode = Dynamic > OK

Run: ncpa.cpl > verify that Team1 network adapter appears on the list

How to Setup Trunk:

Add a virtual switch with these drivers:

  • Bridge Driver
  • Microsoft Load Balancing/Failover Provider
  • Microsoft LLDP Protocol Driver
  • Hyper-V Extensible Virtual Switch

Run these PowerShell Commands

$teamName='Default Trunk'

# Init Nic Teaming
Add-NetLbfoTeamNIC -Team $teamName

# Set Teaming mode
Set-NetLbfoTeam -Name $teamName-TeamingMode LACP -LoadBalancingAlgorithm Dynamic

# Add Team members
$adapterNames|%{Add-NetLbfoTeamMember -Name $_-Team $teamName}

# Configure trunking
$teamObject=Get-NetAdapter|?{$_.ifDesc -eq 'Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Driver'}
Set-VMNetworkAdapterVlan -Trunk -AllowedVlanIdList $allowedVlans -VMNetworkAdapterName $teamObject -NativeVlanId 1

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