Windows 10 Missing Icons Problem

This sometimes happen when a certain app takes over icons cache in Windows, such as some antivirus software. Here’s how to reset that:

Run PowerShell or CMD as Administrator:

function fixWindowsIcons{
    Stop-Process -ProcessName explorer -force
    remove-item "$env:localappdata\IconCache.db" -force
    remove-item "$env:localappdata\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer\iconcache*" -force    
    $defaultIconHandler=(get-itemproperty $iconHandlerKey).'(default)'
    if($iconHandlerExpectedValue -ne $defaultIconHandler){
        New-ItemProperty -path $iconHandlerKey -name $keyname -value $iconHandlerExpectedValue
    start-process -processName explorer.exe
    write-warning 'Please restart the computer to finish resetting Windows Icons cache...'
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