VMWare: Provisioning New Guest Virtual Machines


The process of provisioning a guest virtual machine (VM) template in a cluster follows this pattern:

  1. Upload ISO files onto a Datastore
  2. Create a new VM
  3. Run the VM and proceed with the installation
  4. Convert the Live VM into a Template
  5. Deploy cloned VMs from the Template
  6. Optional: Convert Template to VM (to Apply Changes)

1. Uploading ISO to a Datastore

Select Storage Icon > click on Data Store where ISOs are stored

On the right side, click on the “Upload” button > browse toward the directory where local ISOs are stored

If this error occurs, follow its advise and navigate toward the URL to accept the private certs. Afterward, an uploading retry should succeed.

2. Creating a new virtual machine

Logon to vSphere Web Client using your provided credentials > hover mouse cursor over the “Home” icon click on “VMs and Templates”

Right-click the “Templates” folder > select “New Virtual Machine”

Follow the Wizard:

Select creation type:

Select a name and folder:

Select a compute resource:

Select storage:

Select compatibility:

Select guest OS type:

Customize hardware:

Ready to complete:

Verify task completion:

To remove the floppy disk and mount an ISO:

Locate the VM > right-click it > select Edit Settings…

Click the ‘X’ button next to the Floppy Disk component to delete it

Click on the down-arrow on the right side of CD/DVD drive > select “Datastore ISO file” option

Find the correct DVD image and click OK

Put a check mark at the Connect… box > also put a check mark to Connect the Network adapter(s) > click Finish when done

3. Installing Operating System (OS) on Guest VM

Search for the VM by typing its name inside the Search field > click on the appropriate result

Right-click the machine > Actions > Power On

At the Summary tab, click on the Console View or Play button

If the OS doesn’t automatically load, click on the “Send Ctrl+Alt+Delete” button

Follow these instructions for different versions of OS:

  1. Windows 2016
  2. Redhat 7.5

4. Converting VM into a Template

Locate the Guest VM > right-click > Template > Convert to Template > Yes

Click ‘Yes’ to confirm action

Check progress

Locate the converted entity (either using the Search function or navigating the VMs lists) > right-click the correct template > move > choose the “Templates” folder > OK

Verify that the newly created template has been placed in the expected location

5. Deploying a VM from Template

Locate the desired template > right-click > select “New VM from This Template”

Follow the wizard

6. Optional: Convert Template to VM (to Apply Changes)

Locate the desired template > right-click > select “Convert to Virtual Machine”

Follow the Wizard

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