Backup Solution Notes:
1. Download and import the Storage gateway from AWS (VTL).
2. Configure local and AWS storage gateway (VTL Device Type: STK-L700).
3. Create the VTL Tape Cartridges on AWS.
4. Connect the Storage gateway to a Veeam server (iSCSI).
5. Medium Changer device: Sony TSL-A500C Autoloader.
6. Add the Tape library on the Veeam server (GUI).
7. If you wish to use Virtual Tape Shelf then create Veeam Media Vault (remember: long time for tape retrieval from AWS side).
AWS Storage Gateway support for Veeam
Backup Exec and Veeam can run on the same server, but the tape library may not be accessable by both simultaneously. Thus, it is recommended to schedule Veeam backup jobs outside of Veritas time windows. (
Gateway-VTL (STK-L700, IBM-ULT3580-TD5 for Veeam)
Update 2 is required for compatibility with ESX6:

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