Using Command Line to Configure iDrac Settings

Configure iDrac Settings
#Download and install RacAdm 10.2 :
mkdir $tempDir; cd $tempDir
wget $url
write-host "Please install RacAdm from $temp"
# Run this command after RacAdm is installed
$env:path += ";C:\Program Files\Dell\SysMgt\iDRACTools\racadm"; refreshenv
# Setup iDrac with standardized default settings
racadm set iDRAC.Users.$adminUid.UserName admin
racadm set iDRAC.Users.$adminUid.Password $adminPassword
racadm set iDRAC.NIC.DNSRacName ($env:computername).tolower()
racadm set iDRAC.NIC.DNSRegister 0
racadm set iDRAC.IPv4.DHCPEnable 1
racadm set iDRAC.IPv4.DNSFromDHCP 1
racadm set iDRAC.NIC.DNSDomainFromDHCP 1
racadm set iDRAC.NIC.VLanEnable

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