Use Group Policy to remotely install software in a Microsoft Active Directory Windows Environment

Update: this instruction has been succeeded by this.
Step 1: Create a Organizational Unit as a distribution point
Start >> Administrative Tools >> Active Directory Users and Computers >> {domain_name} >> right-click on an{Organizational_Unit} container >> New >> Organizational Unit >> input the new sub-organizational unit name >> OK
Step 2: Create a Group Policy Object and Assign a software installation Package
Start >> Administrative Tools >> Group Policy Management >> browse to Forest: {domain_name} >> Domains >> {domain_name} >>  expand the desired OU >> right-click on the correct OU container >> Properties >> create a GPO in this domain, and link it here… >> input the name of the new GPO as Software Deployment >> OK >> right-click Software Deployment >> Edit >> expand User Configuration >> Policies >> Software Settings >> right-click Software Installation >> New >> Package >> browse to the *.MSI installation file that is accessable via a file server on the network (i.e. \\FILESERVER1\Software\chrome.msi) >> Open >> click Publish >> OK
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