Sonicwall Site to Site VPN Setup

Create VPN Tunnel:
Log into Rancho Sonicwall >> VPN >> Settings >> Add
Policy Type: Tunnel Interface
Authentication: IKE using Preshred Secret
Name: Rancho to Arizona
IPsec Primary Gateway Name or Address: <WAN IP of Arizona>
Shared Secret: <enter key code>

Create Interfaces:
Network >> Interfaces >> Add Interface: Tunnel Interface
Zone: VPN
VPN Policy: California to Arizona
Mode / IP Assignment: Static IP Mode
IP Address: <WAN IP of this router>
Subnet mark: <enter subnet mask>

Network >> Routing >> Routing Mode: Advanced Routing >> Click the "Configure OSPF" button of the correct Tunnel
OSPFv2: Enabled
OSPF Router-ID: <WAN/LAN/Loopback IP of this router>
ABR Type: Cisco
Redistribute Connected Networks: checked
Redistribute Remote VPN Networks: checked

Configure Firewall Zones: LAN to VPN, VPN to LAN, VPN to VPN
Action: Allow
From: VPN
Source Port: Any
Service: Any
Source: Any
Destination: Any
Users Included: All
Schedule: Always On

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