SonicWall Setup Notes

Reset device and access it via (default), default login is Admin/password
Check firmware and upgrade if necessary
Add NTP server:
Firewall – Advanced – Detection Prevention – Check all
Security Services – Gateway Antivirus – On – Anti-Spyware – Enable and Check all – Content Filter – Configure as desired
Network – Zones – Content Filtering, IPS, Anti-Spyware for LAN & DMZ
Network – DHCP Server – Enable – Set Range and Static IPs
DNS – set,,, or OpenDNS
Firewall – TCP settings – Enforce TCP
1. Enable 802.1p tagging on WAN interface
2. Create QoS rule on the LAN > WAN direction, set DSCP & 802.1p Markings to MAP
3. Configure QoS Settings
4. Set bandwidth management for specific port (PBX server)
– Network – interfaces – configure interface X4 – LAN, Static IP set as Gateway IP of that network segment (i.e.
– Obtain MAC address of PBX server – Network – DHCP server – Add static – set static IP as an IP on the chosen network segment (i.e., lease time 1440
– Network – Address Object – Add – Name = PBX Server, IP as set in previous step
– Firewall Settings – BWM – Global, 0 Realtime, set percent of bandwidth required for VOIP (i.e. 20% or 3Mbps of 15Mbps; passing requirement of 40 trunks x 32 kpbs of G.729 codec = 1280 kpbs ~ 1.2 Mbps)
– Firewall – Access Rules – Select LAN to WAN – Add – Allow LAN to WAN, Any Any All – Ethernet BWM – Enable inbound/outbound to match priority 0 in previous step
  • Global VPN:
Set Backup:
System – Settings – Create backup settings (taking snapshot for recovery purposes) – Export Settings and save it on DATA server

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