SonicWall Port Forwarding

Quick How-To Configuration of SonicWall Many to One NAT

  1. Set Up Services
    • Network > Services > Scroll to Services section > click Add > {add HTTP & HTTP services}
    • Add Service Group named “HTTP-HTTPS” with the 2 Service Objects above
  2. Add Address Objects
    • Network > Address Objects > Address Objects > Add > {input the LAN IP address of the Web Server}
  3. Fix Firewall Policies
    • Firewall > Access Rules > Wan to LAN > set {source=any, destination=WAN Interface IP, service = HTTP-HTTPS, action=allow}
  4. Configure Nat Policies
    • Network > Nat Policies
      • set {Source= Firewalled Subnets, translated=Wan Interface IP, original=Wan Interface IP, translated=Web Server, Service=HTTP-HTTPS}
      • set {Source= Web Server, translated=Wan Interface IP, original=Any, translated=Original, Service=HTTP-HTTPS}

Please note that the loopback policy may not be necessary if we have an internal DNS with or without a split-brain configuration.

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