Some Useful Windows Commands to Troubleshoot Networking on Windoze

# Check this computer's trust relationship to its domain controllers
PS C:\Windows\system32> nltest /SC_QUERY:$domainName
Flags: 0
Trusted DC Name
Trusted DC Connection Status Status = 1311 0x51f ERROR_NO_LOGON_SERVERS
The command completed successfully

# Reset computer account password
netdom.exe resetpwd /s:$domainController /ud:$domainAdmin /pd:*

PS C:\Windows\system32> netdom.exe resetpwd /s:$domainController /ud:$domainAdmin /pd:*
Type the password associated with the domain user:
The machine account password for the local machine could not be reset.
The network path was not found.
The command failed to complete successfully.

# Check network interfaces
PS C:\Windows\system32> get-netadapter *
Name InterfaceDescription ifIndex Status MacAddress LinkSpeed
---- -------------------- ------- ------ ---------- ---------
DEV Cisco VIC Ethernet Interface #4 15 Up 00-25-B5 10 Gbps
iSCSI-A Cisco VIC Ethernet Interface #3 14 Up 00-25-B5 10 Gbps
CLUSTER Cisco VIC Ethernet Interface #2 8 Up 00-25-B5 10 Gbps
iSCSI-B Cisco VIC Ethernet Interface 2 Up 00-25-B5 10 Gbps

# Restart a NIC
PS C:\Windows\system32> get-netadapter -Name "PROD" | Restart-NetAdapter

# Overload a NIC with additional IP address(es)
New-NetIPAddress –IPAddress $availableIP –PrefixLength $cidrMask –InterfaceAlias $adapterName –SkipAsSource $True

PS C:\Windows\system32> New-NetIPAddress –IPAddress $availableIP –PrefixLength $cidrMask –InterfaceAlias $adapterName –SkipAsSource $True
IPAddress : x.x.x.x
InterfaceIndex : 15
InterfaceAlias : PROD
AddressFamily : IPv4
Type : Unicast
PrefixLength : 24
PrefixOrigin : Manual
SuffixOrigin : Manual
AddressState : Tentative
ValidLifetime : Infinite ([TimeSpan]::MaxValue)
PreferredLifetime : Infinite ([TimeSpan]::MaxValue)
SkipAsSource : True
PolicyStore : ActiveStore

# Attempt to ping DNS1 from the new IP - failure means no ICMP outbound allowed
PS C:\Windows\system32> ping -i x.x.x.x
Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 0, Lost = 4 (100% loss)

# Set static route. Warning: don't do this unless you really know routing and switching!
New-NetRoute -DestinationPrefix "$subnet`/$cidrMask" -InterfaceIndex $ifIndex -NextHop $nextHop

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