Some Stories in the Backlog

1. Upgrade pods with 32″ monitors
– Make collaboration easier
– Increase productivity
2. Upgrade VirtualBox to VMware or Xen hypervisor
– High availability (automatic spin up in case a host goes down)
– Resource reallocation (move a live machine to other hosts in cluster without downtime)
– Manageability (easy to manage and find expert help in critical events)
3. Use AWS/Azure instead of Godaddy
– Enterprise grade systems (multi-zones, better support, higher security)
– Prices for AWS “nano” or “micro” instances are becoming cheaper over time
– Long-term horizon support
4. Add CKEditor to Wikipages
– Make it easy for contributors to add contents without memorizing codes
5. Setup Proper Lab Environment for DevOps/Infrastructure Team
– Fog Server to be available on this Lab VLAN as it is separate from Prod
– Useful for periodic system recovery tests
– Useful to test Prod system updates/upgrades
– Store Lab environment in a more persistent/secured location than our desks

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