Solar Panel Consideration

– Most residential wiring is consisting of the “yellow 12 gauge 20 amp” cabling (orange is 10AWG 30AMP, white is 14AWG or 15AMP). 20 amp converts to 1920 watts at 120 volts, 15 amp corresponds to 1440 watts, and 30 amp to 2880 watts .
– One must also account for existing load on the circuit connecting to the outlet and the grid-tied inverter.
– Therefore it would be pre-requisite to run new Electrical lines (black cables) that could be as thick as 4 AWG to accommodate for larger installations.
– A typical solar panel installation yields about 5000-watt capacity
– Calculator: 1553 kWh for 1000-watt system x 0.15 $/kWh = $232.95/year (it will take 8.6 years to reach ROI if the system costs $2000). This is not accounting for installation labor.
– Tax Credits for green techs
– Electricity Rates by City:

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