Simple Active Directory & DNS Synchronization Script

@echo off

GOTO push_or_pull

set /p action="Type in Push, Pull, or Quit. Press Enter for default action = push: " || set action=push

IF /i %action% == pull GOTO pull
IF /i %action% == push GOTO push
IF /I %action% == quit GOTO end
IF /I %action% == q GOTO end
IF /i NOT %action% == pull GOTO try_again

echo "Input not recognized. Please try again."
GOTO push_or_pull

REM Pulls a replication from a specific Domain Controller
set /p dc="Enter DC to pull replication from: "
repadmin /syncall %dc% /d /e /a /A
GOTO end

REM Pushes a replication to a specific DC
set /p dc="Enter DC to push replication to: "
repadmin /syncall %dc% /d /e /a /A /P
GOTO end


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