Sample: New User Setup Instructions

To add User to Active Directory:
Remote into SERVER01
Access Active Directory (Shortcut on Desktop)
Direct to: Active Directory Users and Computers > > kimconnect > Users
Find and Right-click “Template User”
Click on “Copy…”
add fname, lname, email (email = fname_letter + lname)
Access the folder “User Credentials” (Shortcut on Desktop)
Find and Right-click “Template User”
Click on “Copy”
Paste into this folder you are in
Open the newly created file (“Copy of Template User.txt”)
Save As.. fullName.txt (fullName = fname + lname)
Copy NAME, USERNAME, and PASSWORD into txt file in this text file
Keep this window open
To create User email:
Remote into EXCHANGE01
Access Exchange Console (Shortcut on Desktop)
Direct to: Microsoft Exchange > Microsoft Exchange On-Premises > Recipient Configuration > Mailbox
Click on “New Mailbox…” near the top right of the window
Assure the radio button “User Mailbox” is selected
Select the radio button “Existing Users:”
Click on “+Add…”
Find and select the new User you wish to create the email for
Click OK
Click Next
Find and Right-click the newly created Mailbox
Click on Properties
Go to the E-mail Addresses Tab
Delete all non-kimconnect e-mail addresses
Uncheck “Automatically update e-mail addresses based on e-mail policy”
Select and click “Set as Reply”
Feel free to go through the other tabs to add additional information for this Mailbox
Copy EMAIL and ALIAS information onto txt file
To give User CRM access:
Access CRM (Must be through Internet Explorer) (URL:
Select “Settings” near the bottom left of the window
Select “Administration” at the left side of the window
Select “Users” from the middle area that appears
Click on “New” at top left
Enter the new user’s alias in the User Name textbox and hit tab immediately
Enter the new user’s password in the CRM Password textbox
Enter the new user’s Username in the CRM Username textbox (This will be their alias)
Under E-mail Access Configuration
Change both incoming & outgoing email access types to “E-mail Router”
Feel free to fill in the Agent Information portion on this page
[fun koa fact of the day: If Coporate Title = Agent or Trainee, they will appear on the SalesContest Screens]
Click on “Save” at the top left
Click on “Approve E-mail” also near the top left
Click on “Teams” on the left side of the window
Click on “Add Existing Team” at the top left
Search for and Add “Recapture Team”
Click OK
Click on “Security Roles” on the left side of the window
Click “Manage Roles” to the right of where you selected “Security Roles”
Search for and Add “Agent”
Click on “General” above where you selected “Security Roles”
Slick on “Save” at the top left
To give Users Shoretel access:
Access Shoretel through IE (Must be through Internet Explorer) (URL:
Hit continue until you appear at the Shoretel Homepage
Direct to: Administration > Users… > Individual Users
Select an existing Record that is available (Either an AVAILABLE row or someone who doesn’t work here anymore)
Enter the new user’s First Name and Last Name up top
*scroll down*
Enter/Change the Client Username to be the new user’s alias
Enter/Change the Client Password to be the custom password you made in ads-03
Enter/Change the Voice Mail Password to be 1234 (to be reset by user)
Enter/Change the Email Address
*scroll up*
Click on the button “Save” near the top of the window
Click Personal Options tab right below that “Save” button
Under Call Handling Mode Options go into and change the following
Standard should have:
Radio button “No Answer/Busy” selected
Both Busy and No Answer Destination should be Extension 1101: VoiceMail
(TO go back to Call Handling Mode Options, click on “Return to this user’s personal options” at the bottom)
Out of Office Mode should be…
Always with extension 1101: Voice Mail
Go back to this user’s personal options
Hit Save again up top
Click on the General tab near the top
Copy COMPANY PHONE, EXTENSION, and VM PIN onto txt file in ads-03 remote
(Company Phone = DID number, Extension = Number, and VM Pin = Voice Mail Password)
To give users Five9 access:
Open your Microsoft Visual Studio Application (Be connected to kimconnect db)
Direct to: Data Connections > crm.kimconnect.dbo > Tables
Find and Right-click CRMUsers
Select “Show Table Data”
Scroll to the bottom of the table
Replace the Rows of NULL to match that of the New User
Open your Five9 Admin Application
Direct to: Kim Connect > Users
Find and Right-click
Select “Create Duplicate of”
Enter the user’s First Name, Last Name, Email Address
Click on the “…” button on the right side of the window
Enter and confirm the user’s password
Click OK
Click Save near the bottom
To give users Lync access:
Remote into ts1
Access the Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Control Panel
Click on Home on the left side (top of the list)
Find and Click “Enable users for Lync Server” under Top Actions
Click on the “Add…” button
Search for and Click on the user you wish to add to the Lync server
Click OK
Click on the dropdown menu below where it says Assign users to a pool
Choose “”
Click on the “Enable” button (There’s like a picture of a sun)

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