Quick Notes of Beachy Systems Upgrade

Projects Proposal for Beachy Group (Fictional Entity)
Initial Fixed Costs Overview:
SonicWall TZ215
Ubiquiti Access Point Wireless
JIRA Issue Tracking Software
Fujitsu Scanner
Shelf for server rack (4 post)
Server KVM Avocent DSR2010
DL380 G5 32GB RAM (VM) E5450 3.0 32GB RAM
2 more WD Black drives for SERVER
  1. Telecom Change (assigned to telecom Specialist)
Benefit: Cost saving from about $3000 to $1000 per month
  1. Solution
            i.      In-house BPX (Asterisk)
  1. Obtain SIP trunks
  2. Install, test, and deploy
  3. GoAutoDial as Call Center Manager
           i.      iSymphony as control panel
  1. Migrate our service provider from Five9 to GoAutoDial (in-house) as Unified Communication
           i.      Pilot
  1. Physical Server
  2. SIP trunk
  3. Installation
  4. Testing
  5. Approval
           ii.      Cutover
           iii.      Customization
           iv.      Maintenance plan
  1. Network Upgrade (assigned to system Admin)
Benefit: QoS functionality, security (websites access control), optimize bandwidth allocation and usage
  1. Sonicwall ($370)
           i.      Buy Sonicwall TZ-215
           ii.      Install device
           iii.      CFS subscription, AV subscription
  1. Wireless ($372)
  2. Upgrade core switches (optional and unapproved)
          i.      Buy 3 Cisco 3750
          ii.      Replace Netgear with Cisco devices
  1. Servers Upgrade (assigned to system admin)
Benefit: capacity planning (servers provisioning, development test environment, data security via redundancy & reliability)
  1. Purchase and install NAS ($1320)
  2. Upgrade ESX from version 4.1 to 5.1 or above
  3. Provision servers
           i.      New virtual machine as ADS-01 server with Windows Server 2012 (DC, DNS, DHCP)
           ii.      New virtual machine as SANDBOX with Windows Server 2012 as test environment for our developers
           iii.      New virtual machine as PRT to serve as print server which will also serve as a host to run backup processes.
           iv.      New virtual machine as ADS-04 to serve as a secondary domain controller.
  1. Demote and/or retire old servers
  1. Systems protocols (assigned to System Admin)
Benefit: compliance with industry security standards and business continuity
  1. Backup and Recovery
           i.      Identify existing backup plans
          ii.      Propose new backup plan
  1. Active Directory
  2. Email
  3. Raw Data
  4. Applications
    1. Accounting
    2. CRM
  5. Workstations
  6. Network
  7. Telecom
  8. Security system
          iii.      Implement new backup plan
          iv.      Set recovery procedures
  1. Daily
  2. Weekly
  3. Monthly
         v.      Document maintenance plan
  1. Updates
  2. System modifications
  1. Account creation and disabling procedure
           i.      Account creation
           ii.      Account disabling
  1. Desktop setup procedure
         i.      Write script to standardize workstation setup (completed by Baloo)
         ii.      Antivirus (currently using UCLA BOL Sophos Anti-virus)
        iii.      Inventory spare parts
  1. File server access audit
         i.      Access control list (protected folders)
         ii.      Set encryption on sensitive information
  1. Group policies
           i.      Programs allowed
           ii.      Update synchronization
          iii.      Roaming profiles
          iv.      Access restrictions
          v.      Block USB external drives
  1. Monitoring
         i.      Install Whatsup Gold
  1. Servers and network devices
          ii.      Scripts
  1. CRM processes
         iii.      Bandwidth monitoring
  1. System Optimization
Benefit: increase workers productivity, accountability, and quality of work
  1. Install projects tracking software, JIRA ($20 3 agents 10 users)
          i.      Buy software
         ii.      Installation
         iii.      User training
  1. Install network scanner (downloaded \\SHERVER05\Share\Applications\MFC-8680DN-inst-win7-A2.exe to satisfy requirement)
  1. Documentation
Benefit: knowledge transfer of system maintenance

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