Proposal: Network Optimization (Simplified)

Kim Connect
Network Optimization Proposal

June 23, 2017


1.    Project Background and Description

We are to optimize our network infrastructure

2.    Project Scope

  1. Replace gateway with a newer version to have support
  2. Upgrade software on network devices
  3. Remove physical network loops
  4. Enable Spanning Tree to protect against broadcast storms

3.    High-Level Requirements

  1. Move from Sonicwall 4500 (end of life) to 2600 (newer)
  2. All HP and Netgear devices will have new software
  3. Remove links that can potentially cause loops
  4. Enable STP on all LAN devices

4.    Deliverables

  1. New Sonicwalls
  2. Upgraded OS on all switches
  3. No physical loops
  4. STP enabled

5.    Affected Parties

All users at the Head Quarter location will have intermittent network connectivity during scheduled maintenance windows. Remote users will loose access to FoodDistribute and FILESERVER01.

6.    Affected Business Processes or Systems

Accesses to all business systems will be unavailable during the brief transition.

7.    Specific Exclusions from Scope

No server will be changed. All business apps will remain in-tact.

8.    Implementation Plan

  1. Plan A
  • Gateway
    • Kim: replace the gateway with assistance of the team
  • LAN Devices
    • Kim: upgrade firmware of three SAN switches (SAN-SW1, SAN-SW2, SAN-SW3)
    • John (not real name): upgrade firmware of devices via CLI (SSR-CORE1, SSR-CORE2, SSR-SW3, SHORETEL-SW1, IDF1-SW1, IDF2-SW2, IDF3-SW1)
    • Larry: upgrade firmware of devices via GUI (SSR-NG1, SSR-NG2, SSR-NG3, IDF1-SW2, IDF2-SW1)
    • John, Kim, or Larry: upgrade firmware of devices via CLI (NSR-CORE1, NSR-CORE2, SHORETEL-SW1, SHORETEL-SW3, SHORETEL-SW4)
  • Move physical loops (2):
    • Disconnect fiber link on SHORETEL-SW1 port 2/A1
    • Tag NSR-CORESW1 Port A22 with VLAN 10
    • Tag SSR-CORESW2 Port B22 with VLAN 10
      • Add interfaces 1/48,2/48 to trk3
      • Move cable from 2/43 to 2/48
    • SSR-CORE2
      • Add D24 into trk2
      • Disconnect SSR-CORE1 C4 and connect it to SSR-CORE2 D22
    • SSR-CORE1
      • Untag C4 on VLANS 1,10,16
    • Enable STP on all switches (if time permits)

9.    High-Level Timeline/Schedule

Maintenance window 1(June 24th, 2017):

  • 1:00 PM teaming gathering in Buena Park
  • 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM execute “Work-Plan”

Maintenance window 2 (TBD)

  • Continue with any sub-task that may not have been completed during previous maintenance window

Approval and Authority to Proceed

We approve the project as described above, and authorize the team to proceed.




Bruce Lee

I.T. Director








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