Projects for Mystery Client in 2005

Mystery Client Technology Overview

  • Last year Mystery Client upgraded to Microsoft Exchange 2003. This had been a very stable and robust email system. The program ran on a Raid 5 Dell PowerEdge 2600 with daily backups and a built in spam filtering system. System was designed to accommodate future growths.
  • Also included in the Mystery Client email system was mobile email using Windows Mobile 5.0 with push technology to pda/cellphones both domestically and internally. This system allowed direct synchronizing with Outlook and the Exchange server. Mystery Client used T-Mobile for internal travelers and Verizon for its domestic travelers. The email server also had 128-bit certificates for its international field reps for direct Exchange connection via RPC over HTTP. The email system was also configured for web outlook for those users with access through public Internet.
  • Added this year was a new multi-layered SPAM filtering program. The improved SPAM filter directly linked to exchange, blocked and filtered over 50,000 per month. The added layer of spam filter also eliminated spam for our mobile PDA users.
  • Mystery Client implemented a VPN solution for mobile users to connect directly to the network for file sharing and personal Outlook via ISA 2004. This option allowed mobile users to work offline, used emails and synchronized with corporate data at any time with their public network connections.
  • Mystery Client used Fourth Shift as its complete MRP system and Visibar as its data linking software for wireless handhelds. Mystery Client just upgraded to a newer version for Fourth Shift and Visibar. This new server upgrade increased response times significantly in regards to reporting and database access. For example, the nightly batch run now completed with half the time as compared to prior.  
  • Fourth Shift upgrade also allowed implementation of package tracking directly from our shipping system. This upgrade enabled the customer service department to track packages quickly and pass the time savings on to the customer.
  • Visibar upgrade allowed implementation of quicker hand-held processes in the warehouse. This upgrade cut the input process for LOT and package receiving significantly.
  • Visibar upgrade for handhelds also allowed for a streamline PICK process. The PICK procedure could now be done by the warehouse staff using the bar-code Intermec devices wirelessly; thus, this eliminated separate data-entry for each transaction. (MORV and PORV were also upgraded)
  • Improved label functionality for bar coded BINS. This was now a direct export from Fourth Shift and Visibar. (BIN labels recently updated to easier scan)
  • Updated HR payroll to ADP and the time clock to (direct link) TimeBank. HR now had a live, direct link to clock activity.
  • Mystery Client had been using a pay-per-click ad campaign on all major search engines. This PPC campaign was currently being updated to correspond with new web campaigns as advised by the Marketing Department.
  • Mystery Client recently completed 3D models of the 3600E, 3300E, and Millennium for the internet. This update, once implemented, would help shoppers wishing to view the chamber from all sides and the chamber with gurney being inserted. Note that the 3200 had been on the website for viewing due to this work.
  • Printing system updated 2 years ago to Kyocera. Kyocera printing costs rated lowest in industry. We added all new copy/print/scan systems to each department.
  • Mystery Client introduced new fax software to customer service. This system enhanced distribution of fax both electronically and by hard copy if needed. Permanent backup of all incoming faxes for future review was an added feature.
  • Mystery Client used Dell systems for all desktops and laptops. 60% of the Mystery Client desktops we replaced about 18 months ago. Systems were replaced on a need to change basis. Laptops were all within the 2 months to 2 year old basis. Mystery Client replaced laptops on a need to replace basis. Projected laptop life was 4 years.
  • Mystery Client was using Microsoft Exchange 2003 for email. The program ran on a Raid 5 Dell PowerEdge 2600 with daily backups and a built in spam filtering system. System can accommodate growth. Upgraded hard drives in Feb 2009.

Technology Upgrade Recommendations

  • New Website: Website update with SEO (search engine optimization). Existing website is in need of a new look and optimized for SEO upgrades. A new website, along with an SEO campaign will significantly help in a higher web ranking. We are currently 6th – 12th  under ‘hyperbaric chambers’ and 1st – 4th  on the sponsor pages. Being within the top 3 will increase web-hits, thus increase exposure and sales.  Mystery Client is listed after companies such as oxytank,, hypberbar, ect. With new a design and a complete SEO campaign we should be able to take the lead in hyperbaric chamber ranking.
  • Within the website, Mystery Client needs a way to distribute user-guides and manuals upon request. Currently Mystery Client is sending out user guides via email and CD when customer or distributor calls. Within this distribution system Mystery Client should have a version tracking system that will monitor each user with version of manual. This will allow notification of version change to customers.
  • New Label System for Vent-Line: Currently we are printing labels on a laser-printer. This system is too cumbersome. With 5000 labels monthly we should use a labeling gun with pre-printed logo and changeable part number on changeable pricing guns.
  • Web-Analysis software update: Mystery Client is currently using a cumbersome web analysis system to track incoming web-traffic. With an upgraded system Mystery Client would be able automate the reverse IP resolution and identify incoming hits from any healthcare entity. This information should be distributed to a pre-contact (cold-call) person to possibly identify the source of the website hit. The information could be added to automated mailing program to send brochure and/or product datasheets.
  • Service/New Installation System. Mystery Client is currently in need of an upgrade to track and ingrate the new installs with yearly service requests. This custom software update would allow better overlap of all scheduling. This would cut back on some return trips to the same area for chamber service.

Mystery Client Project Deliverables

  • Exchange 2003 email system upgrade and updates
    • Added instant email access (push\pull) to PDA and Cellphone connects.
    • Added RCP over HTTP connection for secure international email access
    • Added new multi-layered spam filtering for clients and mobile users.
    • Updated firewall to monitor intrusion attempts and email performance
  • Major update to Fourth Shift ERP system
    • Added interface for instant package tracking for customer service
    • Updated server and connections for substantial performance increase.
  • Major Upgrade to Visibar (wireless and direct connection to Fourth Shift)
    • Added PICK process for wireless warehouse part-picking
    • Added new barcode BINS and new format for improved scanning of parts.
    • Updated Visibar coding for quicker transaction writing to Fourth Shift.
    • Added updated MORV and PORV functions to handhelds.
  • Website inclusions of new products pages and 3D models
    • Added 3D interactive models of 3600E, 3300E, and Millennium to web.
    • Added new PPC campaign with Google. Top listing on all major search.
    • Updated and submitted new web-search optimization for higher listings.
    • Updated photo downloads for outside printing requests
  • Began new website design
    • New and improved website construction began
    • Website goal date March 1.
    • SEO complete March 15
    • EO complete April 1 with live same day.


New Desktop Computers: Projected 5 systems @ $700 each                        $3500

Fourth Shift SQL 2005 Database Upgrade                                                    $3200

Replace 2 HP 4000 Printers (10 years old)                                                     $1200

Replace 5 monitors (10+ years old) with LCD                                               $1000

Replace 1 laptop (4+ years old)                                                                      $2500                                                                                                                                                                       $11,400


Fourth Shift Technical Consultant for conversion                                          $3600

SQL Fourth Shift Reporting Class                                                                 $1500

Visibar Scripting from Titanium to SQL                                                        $3600                                                                                                                                                                   $8,700

General Upgrade Costs:

Fourth Shift upgrade from Titanium database 7.3 to SQL database 7.4:

  • Advantages:
    • Substantial increase in database speed
    • Better reporting – easier design
    • Live ODBC data connections via SQL
    • Saves 15% yearly up-charge of $4992 (as of March 07)
    • SQL is a database standard with many more functions
    • Quicker handheld response on the warehouse floor
    • With SQL we can upgrade to new version. Fourth Shift not writing anymore upgrades for the database we currently use.

To purchase SQL 2005 with 50 client licenses:                   $8700

To purchase Fourth Shift SQL version:                             $3198

                                                Total 2006 spending:             $11,898

 (We save about $15,000 doing in-house)

 Total Project Cost including SQL licenses and training:  $20,000


Switches (connects systems and transfers data between systems – in phone closet)

  • We are currently using switches that are at least 8 years old. The data speed on these switches is 10 Mbps (megabits per second).
  • The new switches will allow 100 Mbps and 1000 Mbps.
  • All servers will be connected at the ultra-fast speeds of 1000Mbps.

To purchase 4 HP ProCurve 2810 – 24 port switches:  $5800

 Total Project Costs including switches, cable, wall plates:  $6300


 File Server – NT4 (out of hard-drive space)

  • This server had been about 7 years old but was powerful enough to run all file services without any issues. We should be able to get at least another 2 years of this system. The only issue was its hard drive space. A replacement server would cost around $5000. Storage replacement would only add $700 to the budget.

To purchase 5 new high-speed  73GB drives (RAID 5):   $700

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