Project Servers Virtualization

Project Scope:
The scope of this project is limited to stabilizing production environment by ensuring high availability and setting robust disaster recovery on all server machines. Another benefit of project is to make all servers independent of hardware issues. Any troubleshooting of server failures can be isolated to software settings. This is also a precursor to future infrastructure expansion or conversion.
1. All servers will be virtualized and hosted in Irvine and Amazon Web Services
    a. Non Lotus Domino servers will be converted first
    b. Backup & recovery will be set for servers converted in step 1a
    c. Lotus Domino servers will be replaced by virtualized versions, running Windows 2012 Server operating systems. one service component at a time (SMTP, MAIL, WEB, APPS, etc.). Please note that the current available conversion tool only allows VMWare machines to be converted into AWS. There is no utility to convert from AWS to VMWare.
    d. Each virtual Lotus Domino server instance will be set to synchronize with AWS versions. Web versions will be primary. hosted versions will be backup.
    e. Disaster recovery plan shall be fully implemented on all virtual machines as well as AWS instances
2. All physical servers will be retired from Florida DC
3. All physical servers will be retired from Phoenix DC
4. Iron mountain shall be set to store backup data from all machines
Hardware Required:
a. 2 ESX servers, each with 256GB of RAM – 1 server is necessary for project initialization
b. 2 SAN appliances, each with 4 TB of available disk space with built in redundancy – 1 SAN appliance is necessary for project initialization
c. 2 stackable switches, capable of 802.3ad and VLAN
Software Required:
a. 2 ESX licenses
b. 2 Windows 2012 Server license
Subscription Required:
a. Iron Mountain
b. AWS Snapshoting Vendors
a. Production servers are currently consuming 239 GB RAM total
b. The non-production Dell PowerEdge R620 is capable of 1536 GB or RAM (source:
c. There are two Dell PowerEdge servers 620 inside the Irvine data center. One is not in production, and the other is MAIL3 (aliases: srvamx03 / srvadomino10 / srva-gjyf3w1). These two servers are capable of hosting the whole environment when loaded with at least 256 GB of RAM each.
D. ESXi 5.5 supports up to 4000 GB of RAM (source:
E. The fall-back plan for each step of the migration is to preserve existing physical machines for 3 months. If any conversion procedure yields an error, the physical machine will immediately be re-commissioned.

Project Proposal: Servers Migration

Prepared for Planetary Systems Inc. (Short Version)


  1. Scope of Work

The Systems Team shall implement a virtualization technology to consolidate physical servers into robust virtual hosts. These hosts will be located at the corporate headquarter, which shall function as a replication site for our Amazon Web Servers. Furthermore, we shall upgrade our existing operating system and application software as part of this migration plan.


  1. Benefits
  • Most of the existing hardware’s warranties have expired. Instead of purchasing service plans for multiple machines, it would be a cost saving to decommission those machines.
  • Many of the servers are currently running on Windows Server 2003, which Microsoft has set to discontinue service by July 14, 2015. Software security would be compromised if we choose not to upgrade these servers as there shall be no new patches available after its expiration date.
  • At the completion of this project, Phoenix and Florida data centers are to be shut down. Decommissioning all servers at these satellite data centers is necessary for future physical infrastructure changes.
  • Systems maintenance shall be streamlined. Instead of managing many physical machines, it is much more efficient to focus on a few appliances. These few machines shall have full warranties with readily available technical support from the manufacturers.
  • Once servers are virtualized, it shall be possible to make on-demand backups of entire instances very quickly. Server crashes and production time interruption shall be minimized.
  • Future Lotus Domino conversion progress can be made with absolute confidence that any changes can be reversed in minutes.
  • Data security will be greatly improved. Tape drives and its associated cost of maintenance will be substituted with SAN to SAN replication protocols as well as Amazon virtual tape libraries.


  1. Schedule of Deliverables

This project shall be divided into four phases, and the timeline for each phase’s objective is tentatively set as per below. The estimated completion of each step may not be accurate as of yet. Thus, this scheduling should only be treated as an overview. The Systems Team shall revise these estimates as the project progresses.


Work Schedule


Lead Time

Start Date

End Date



Project Proposal and Approvals


  Proposal Document




Tom, Jerry, Kim


  Purchasing Process




Tom, Jerry, Kim


Physical Infrastructure servers Setup





  Hardware Installation




Jerry, Kim


  Software Installation




Jerry, Kim


  Infrastructural Servers Installation




Jerry, Kim


Tier 2 Servers Migration




Tom, Jerry, Mickey, Kim


Tier 1 Servers Migration




Jerry, Mickey, Kim

Setup Backups





Please note that deliverable (3.3) shall be expanded as creations of each of those instances with new Windows 2012 Server OS and new Domino Server setup in VMware. Then, those instances shall be converted into Amazon Web Services’ instances. The mark of completion of a server function shall be when there is a replicating pair of servers between AWS (cloud) and VMWare (local) instances.

  1. Purchase Requirements

We need to purchase hardware and software before initializing this project. Below is a comparison of the options of the purchase request:


Required Items:

Option 1


Option 2


Option 3


Hardware: Two (2) Servers

Repurposing R620’s

 $                      – R630

 $     8,066.30 R630

 $     8,066.30

Server Memory: 48 modules
of 16GB, each

Newegg Kingston

 $     6,671.52

Newegg Kingston

 $     7,535.52 RAM

 $  13,053.12

Two (2) Windows Server 2012
Data Center Licenses

Amazon Marketplace

 $     4,000.00

 $     6,997.98

 $  12,312.00

Vmware: vSphere Essentials Plus Kit
1 year support

 $         944.00
3 year support

 $     2,492.16


 $     5,439.00



 $  11,615.52


 $  25,091.96


 $  38,870.42


  1. Responsibilities

Each personnel being listed as a resource on the work schedule shall be responsible for such deliverable(s). The overseeing project manager shall be Management, which consists of the NAMED, Vice President and MICKEY, Assistant Vice President.


  1. Exhibits


Servers List

Server Name (alias)



Service Tag


OS End
Of Life



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