Procedure to Recreate a Microsoft Clustered Role

1. Delete cluster role

2. Validate that the DNS entry has been purged
a. Check DNS

Example: entry still exists
C:\Users\176233>nslookup roguesherver
Server: dns01.kimconnect.local
Address: 192.168.500.152

Name: roguesherver.kimconnect.local
Address: 192.168.500.133
Example: entry has been removed
C:\Users\176233>nslookup roguesherver
Server: roguesherver.kimconnect.local
Address: 192.168.500.152
*** roguesherver.kimconnect.local can't find roguesherver: Non-existent domain

b. Purge instances of servername in DNS

3. Manually purge the virtual computer name object in AD
a. Search for roguesherver
b. Delete roguesherver
c. Manually trigger AD Sync or wait for automatic AD propagation schedule

4. Recreate the clustered role
a. Recreate the role using PowerShell or GUI
b. Possible Error:
– Error message: “The network name is already used on the network”
– Resolution: just wait 5 to 10 minutes or repeat previous steps
– Error message: “The IP Address ‘x.x.x.x’ is already used.”
– Resolution: purge the IP address reservation in the DNS Reverse lookup zone

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