PowerShell: Search for Hyper-V Guest VM That Has Not Been Registered In Cluster

# findVmHost.ps1


function findVmHost($vmName){
        Import-Module Hyper-V
        Import-Module FailoverClusters
        $allHyperVHosts={(Get-ClusterNode | Where { $_.State –eq "Up" }).Name | %{$_.ToLower()}}.Invoke()
        $allVms=foreach ($hyperVHost in $allHyperVHosts){invoke-command -computername $hyperVHost -scriptblock{write-host "Getting VM List on $env:computername";Get-VM |select Name,Path}|select-object * -ExcludeProperty RunspaceId,PSShowComputerName}
        $matchedHost=$allVms|?{$_.Name -like "*$vmName*"}
            return $matchedHost
            write-host "'$vmName' is not found in cluster '$((get-cluster).Name)'"
            return $null
        write-warning $_
        return $false

findVmHost $vmName

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