PowerShell: Raise Domain Forest Functional Level

# Raise Forest Functional Level

# 2012R2 Level
Set-ADForestMode -Identity $forest -Server $forest.SchemaMaster -ForestMode Windows2012R2Forest -Force
# 2016 Level
Set-ADForestMode -Identity $forest -Server $forest.SchemaMaster -ForestMode Windows2016Forest -Force

4 thoughts on “PowerShell: Raise Domain Forest Functional Level”

  1. this command didnt work on windows 2012 r2, i received an error that a parameter Confirm=$false does not exist

  2. the command works only that you have to write it in parts say you want to raise the domain forest functional level to Windows2012R2Forest
    1. Set-ADForestMode then press enter, you will be prompted for an input you write Windows2012R2
    2. input command “Forest” you will be prompted for an input you write the name of your domain eg ad. terrifictech. com

    1. That’s a manual method of accomplishing the task. The commands above already have those variables loaded to bypass the requirements for extra typing… Also, I notice that you’re trying to load a ‘do-follow’ URL into the comment. Since we want to minimize our users’ exposures to spamming websites, I’ve put spacing on the domain names to nullify its do-follow effects. Thanks,

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