PowerShell: Quick Exercise On Disks Operations

# View disks on the system

Number Friendly Name Serial Number                    HealthStatus         OperationalStatus      Total Size Partition
------ ------------- -------------                    ------------         -----------------      ---------- ----------
0      VMware Vir... 00000000000000000001             Healthy              Online                     200 GB MBR
1      VMware Vir... 00000000000000000002             Healthy              Online                     500 GB MBR

# Set variables

# Wipe entire disk and recreate it
# WARNING: the following lines will destroy all data on the selected disk index number set above!
Clear-Disk -Number $diskNumber -RemoveData -RemoveOEM
Initialize-Disk -Number $diskNumber
New-Partition -DiskNumber $diskNumber -UseMaximumSize -IsActive -DriveLetter $driveLetter
format-volume -driveletter $driveLetter

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