PowerShell: Nesting Functions Inside Functions

Demo 1: calling a function from within another function

function A{
Write-Host "Calling function: $functionToCall"

# Obtain the scripts from the externally parsed function
$script=(Get-Item "function:$functionToCall").ScriptBlock

# invoking external function


function B{
Write-Host "Function B has been invoked"

A -functionToCall B

Sample Out

PS C:\Users\JustinBieber> A -functionToCall B
Calling function: B
Function B has been invoked

Demo 2: Passing function into another function, then invoke on a remote target as a Job (to enable simultaneous executions)

function pingDomain{
ping google.com;

function startJobOnRemoteComputer{

Write-Host "Executing $functionToCall on $remoteComputer";
$script=(Get-Item "function:$functionToCall").Definition

$session = New-PSSession -ComputerName $remoteComputer
write-host "Connecting to remote computer $remoteComputer..."
sleep -seconds 1
if ($session){write-host "Connected."}
} until ($session.state -match "Opened")

$job=invoke-command -Session $session -AsJob -ScriptBlock{
} -args $script

write-host "$($job.Name) has been initiated on $remoteComputer"
return $job;

$job=startJobOnRemoteComputer -remoteComputer "SHERVER009" -functionToCall pingDomain

Receive-Job -Id -job.Id;

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