PowerShell: Kill Processes Remotely

    # This function requires 2 parameters: -computerName and -processName
function killRemoteProcess{

# WMI querying method
$processes = Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Process -ComputerName $ComputerName -Filter "name='$processName'"

if ($processes){
foreach ($process in $processes) {
$terminationResult = $process.terminate()
$processid = $process.handle

if($terminationResult.returnvalue -eq 0) {
write-host "The process $ProcessName `($processid`) terminated successfully"
} else {
write-host "The process $ProcessName `($processid`) termination has some problems"
"$processName not found. Try again ya."

Sample OutPut

PS C:\Windows\system32> killRemoteProcess -computername $computer -ProcessName powershell.exe
The process powershell.exe (5880) terminated successfully

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