PowerShell: Create and Edit SMB Shares

# Create SMB Share
$accessList="$env:USERDOMAIN\Domain Admins","NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users"
$shareName=split-path $sharePath -leaf
mkdir $sharePath
New-SmbShare -Name $shareName -Path $sharePath -FullAccess $accessList

# Check SMB Acccesses
[SMBSERVER]: PS C:\Users\kimconnect\Documents> Get-SmbShareAccess $shareName
Name          ScopeName AccountName                      AccessControlType AccessRight
----          --------- -----------                      ----------------- -----------
testshare *         KIMCONNECT\Domain Admins         Allow             Full
testshare *         NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users Allow             Full

# Add Share Permissions
$grantPrinciple="$env:USERDOMAIN\Domain Admins"
Grant-SmbShareAccess -Name $shareName -AccountName $grantPrinciple -AccessRight Full -Force

# Remove Share Permissions
$removePrinciple="NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users"
Revoke-SmbShareAccess -Name $shareName -AccountName $removePrinciple -Force

# Clone NTFS Access Control List (ACL)
# Warning: only do this to a new clone-to directory as misuse can cause permission problems
get-acl $cloneAclFrom|set-acl $cloneAclTo

# Check NTFS Permissions:
[SMBSERVER]: PS C:\Users\kimconnect\Documents> (get-acl c:\testshare).AccessToString
Everyone Allow  ReadAndExecute, Synchronize
CREATOR OWNER Allow  FullControl
BUILTIN\Administrators Allow  FullControl
KIMCONNECt\TestAdmin Allow  FullControl

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