Outlook: How to Reset & Rebuild Profile

Remove Existing Profile

Run: control.exe > click on Mail

Click on Show Profiles

Click on Remove > Yes > OK

Purge Local Outlook Folder of all previous files
# Purge Outlook Profile Folder

$outlookItems=(get-childitem -Recurse -Attributes !Directory "$env:localappdata\Microsoft\Outlook" -force).FullName;
$handles = handle;
if (!(handles)){

# Requires handle.exe from Systernals. returns pid
function findPidLockedFile{
foreach ($line in $handles) {
if ($line -like "*pid:*") {$scrollingPid=$line}
if ($line -like "*$lockedFile*") {
#[void]($scrollingPid -match "(.*)\spid:");
[void]($scrollingPid -match "pid:\s(.*)\s");
return $lockingPids|get-unique

foreach ($x in $outlookItems){
Remove-Item $x -Force
$lockingPids=findPidLockedFile $x;
$lockingPids|%{stop-process -id $_ -force};
Remove-Item $x -Force
Trigger Outlook and re-create profile

a. Start Outlook in Safe Mode

Start > Run > Outlook.exe /safe > wait for Outlook to load > close Outlook > wait 1 minute for system memory of the application to clear

b. Start Outlook as normal

Start > Run > Outlook.exe > Follow wizard to create new profile

What Problems Does this Solve?
  1. This one (after the “phantom” DNS record of mail.domain.com has been removed):
  2. And this one…

  3. Freezing or crashing Outlook cases that are isolated to certain lucky users.

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