Outlook: How to Rebuild Profile

Remove Existing Profile

Run: control.exe > click on Mail

Click on Show Profiles

Click on Remove > Yes > OK

Purge Local Outlook Folder of all previous files
# run these commands in DOS COMMAND or PowerShell
del /q %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Outlook\*
for /d %x in (%LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Outlook\*) do @rd /s /q "%x"
Trigger Outlook and re-create profile

Start > Outlook.exe > Follow wizard to create new profile

What Problems Does this Solve?
  1. This one (after the “phantom” DNS record of mail.domain.com has been removed):
  2. That one…
    I don’t have a screenshot of a frozen Outlook anymore, but you get the idea.
  3. Crashing Outlook cases that are isolated to certain users.

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