Other Information Technology Considerations

14.1 Windows Server 2016 release date is within six months to one year. Implementing Windows Server 2012 now is still a good plan as its support schedule is set to continue until 1/10/2023.
14.2 Windows 10 release date is July 29th, 2015. We have tested it to confirm that this version is reliable, secured, and necessary in the near future. This version of Microsoft OS has been tentatively planned as the upgrade path for the US military, which means that it’s considered highly trusted and shall become the de-facto standard of the business environment.
14.3 Lotus Domino 8.0 is currently EOF, Lotus Domino 8.5 is probably still supported for about two years, and IBM Domino is the planned successor of Lotus Domino. It appears that IBM is focusing more on WebSphere, Content Manager, and Forms Creator. This may translate to a prudent strategy of following the path of trusting business work-flow and content collaboration to be supported within the foreseeable future, while being cautious in keeping Lotus as the maintained messaging platform.
14.5 AllState Insurance in the United States shows 291% ROI in 5 years after implementing ServiceNow, an enterprise, cloud-based service provider. This ROI is already factored into the fact that ServiceNow has charged significant service fees to provide IT solutions to AllState.
14.4 Other insurance companies had reduced their server TCO by 60-70% and realized an ROI of over 189% within the first six months of deploying VMware virtualization. This would equate to 650% TCO reduction. Comparing the statistics of the Case of ServiceNow with AllState, VMWare is better than Cloud Virtualization Outsourcing by 359% of TCO.

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