Office 365 Rules

  1. Block Executables:
  2. Reject large files: 
    • Sender is located Outside the organization
    • The message size is greater than or equal to 40 MB
    • Reject the message with the explanation “A message you sent has been blocked due to its size being larger than 40MB. Please retry with a smaller file”
  3. Anti-spoof VIPs
    • Anti-spoof – VIPs
      If the message…
      ‘From’ header contains “‘Kim Connect’ or ‘Ya Mama'”
      and Is received from ‘Outside the organization’
      Do the following…
      Deliver the message to the hosted quarantine.
      and Stop processing more rules
      and Send the incident report to, include these message properties in the report: sender, recipients, subject, cc’d recipients, bcc’d recipients, severity, sender override information, matching rules, false positive reports, detected data classifications, matching content
      Except if…
      ‘From’ header contains ””
      or ‘Resent-From’ header matches the following patterns: ‘’
      Rule comments
      Detect spoofing emails and add “SPAM” tag to them
  4. Outbound disclaimer
    • If the message…
      Is sent to ‘Outside the organization’
      and sender’s address domain portion belongs to any of these domains: ‘’
      Do the following…
      Append the message with the disclaimer ‘<p>Providing the <b>BEST</b> in IT Consulting <b>QUALITY</b> since 2002 | </p>’. If the disclaimer can’t be applied, attach the message to a new disclaimer message.
      Rule comments
      Appends an e-mail disclaimer to outbound messages that were configured in FOPE with an outbound email footer (FOPEPolicyMigration)

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