Nintendo Wii JailBreaking

1. install Hackmii
2. install cIOS38_rev14 (requires IOS36-64-v1042.wad or connection to the Internet)
3. install usb loader_gx
4. run WAD Manager to install USB Loader “USB Loader GX-ULNR-r649.wad” (Channel – can run without SD)
5. Install Pre-loader to boot Wii directly to USB: place preloader.dol (or different name) into root of SD
run firmware updater 4.1
downgrade your wii to 4.0 prior to install
In the preloader menu, choose install file and choose the dol to install. When its done, go to the main menu of preloader (B) and then choose ‘settings’. You have to change 2 options here: Autoboot=file and Return to=preloader. Save the settings, then launch the Wii menu in the main menu. It will boot into the USB loader GX!
6. Install Mplayer CE
7. Install emulators
    Visual Boy Advance GX
Some items to research:
MPlayer CE: DVD player, radio, mp3 player
BootMii: Brick protection
Gecko OS: cheat manager
Homebrew Browser: get games, emulators, and more
StartPatch/Starfall: make changes to Wii regions
cIOSCorp: play backup discs
Wii DVD Dumper: make backups of games
Wii Earth: just like Google earth
VBA GX: play game boy advance
8. Set up forwarders:
13 essential apps:
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