Network Topology Reorganization

  • When there would no longer be any server in Mission Viejo and Phoenix, we can save operational costs by cancelling the MPLS service lines. We can set up site-to-site VPN connections between our office routers similar to the topology between of site-to-site VPN between our offices and AWS networks.
  • It is highly recommended that we add another Internet line as a load-balance and fail-over to our existing connection to the Internet for the Irvine headquarter location. There are many commercial grade dual-wan routers on the market to serve this purpose.
  • MPLS has the advantage of delivering a slightly lower latency, while VPN has the advantage of being extremely cost effective. If we have a bandwidth above 5Mb/s being dedicated for VPN voice traffic, while having a second line for general Internet, there shall be virtually no noticeable performance difference to MPLS.

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