Microsoft Management Console Snap-in Shortcuts

Admin Snap-in Command
Quality of Service Control Management ACSsnap.msc
ADSI Edit ADSIedit.msc
Authorization manager AZman.msc
Certificates Management – Local machine Certlm.msc
Certificates Management – Current user Certmgr.msc
Certification Authority Management Certsrv.msc
Certificate Templates Certtmpl.msc
Failover cluster Manager Cluadmin.exe
Component Services Comexp.msc
Computer Management Compmgmt.msc
Device Manager Devmgmt.msc
Notifications/Start menu/policy DevModeRunAsUserConfig.msc
Disk Defragmenter Defrag.exe (formerly Dfrg.msc)
Distributed File Service Mgmt DFSmgmt.msc
Disk Manager DiskMgmt.msc
DNS Manager DNSmgmt.msc
AD Domains and Trusts Domain.msc
AD Users and Computers DSA.msc
AD Sites and Services DSsite.msc
Embedded Lockdown Manager EmbeddedLockdown.msc
Event Viewer Eventvwr.msc
Shared Folders open files FSmgmt.msc
File Server Resource manager FSRM.msc
Local Group Policy Editor GPedit.msc
Group Policy Management GPmc.msc
Group Policy Management Editor GPme.msc
Group Policy Starter GPO Editor GPTedit.msc
Local Users and Groups Manager LUsrMgr.msc
Teminal Services RDP MSTSC
Teminal Services RDP to Console MSTSC /v:[server] /console
NAP client configuration NapCLCfg
Performance Monitor PerfMon.msc
Print Management PrintManagement.msc
Resultant Set of Policy RSOP.msc
Local Security Settings Manager SecPol.msc
Server Roles, Features ServerManager.msc
Services Management Services.msc
SQL Server configuration Manager SQLServerManager11.msc
Storage Mgmt StorageMgmt.msc
Telephony Management TAPImgmt.msc
Task Scheduler TaskSchd.msc
Trusted Platform Module TPM.msc
Terminal Server Manager TSadmin.exe
Remote Desktop TSmmc.msc
Windows Mangement Instrumentation WmiMgmt.msc
Windows Server Backup (Local+Remote) WBadmin.msc
Windows Local Backup WLBadmin.msc
Windows Firewall WF.msc

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