Microsoft Dynamics Audit History Data Missing After Org Migration


We have recently moved some Orgs from CRM version 8.x to 9.x, and audit history of some intakes shows data as just these container icons


It appears that the upgrading process somehow has generated the Audit Change ([Action] = 102) at Case Entity Level (ObjectTypeCode 112) as Disabled Events (ChangeData = True). Therefore, the recommended action would be:

  1. Make a full backup of the DB prior to any changes!
  2. Run this TSQL command against the DB
    USE DatabaseName_MSCRM -- fill in the correct database name here
    DELETE FROM [dbo].[AuditBase]
    Action = 102 AND -- Audit Change at Entity Level
    ChangeData = 'True' AND -- For Disabled Events
    (ObjectTypeCode = 112 OR ObjectTypeCode = 2) -- Case OR Contact Entity Object Type Codes
    Sample Output:
  3. Refresh the case records via the CRM UI to verify that new values have been generated in the Audit History query.


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