Linux: Useful GUI Tools


– Connect to multiple machines
– Run same commands on multiple machines SIMULTANEOUSLY!
– Useful for synchronized & manually triggered installs and backups


– Better than Top. No kidding.
– F4 (filter) > type APPNAME > select an item > F9 (Kill)


– Shows real-time incoming/outgoing traffic
– Keys-combo: SRD > display port info

Socket Statistics (ss)

– command: ss -t -u (shows TCP/UDP connections)


– Quickly view network I/O on the host

LSHW (lshw-gtk)

– Shows systems hardware information


– Another GUI system hardware management utility

Hardware Info (hardinfo)

– A alternative version of system info

System Profiler Benchmark

– Similar to Sysinfo with more drill-downs and benchmark functions
– Also display network info

Disks (gnome-disk-utility)

– GUI version to manage hard drives, except partitioning
– Create ISO
– Details about disk health
– Benchmark drives


– System cleaner: browser, apt cache
– Backup files


– Rsync will transport files over the network with traffic encryption
– GUI version of Rsync with some feature enhancements
– Synchronize between different machines/directories
– Reminder: (a) /home/user/ (inside the ‘user’ directory) is not the same as (b) /home/user (include ‘user’ directory). Source should be following format (b), and destination should be following format (a). Kaprish?

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