Linux Mint 20: How to Disable the Annoying Keyring Prompts for Passwords

The default installation of Linux Mint expects that the user would login using valid credentials, which would unlock the default keyring. When autologin has been enabled, this causes a dilemma where the System keyring hasn’t been unlocked upon reboots.

For instance, applications such as Chrome or Skype would require access to the default keyring even if those applications’ keyring passwords have been set to null. Assuming that security is to be forfeited, here are the steps to prevent those keyring password prompts.

  1. Change the name of the default Keyring
    • defaultKeyring=/home/$(whoami)/.local/share/keyrings/Default_keyring.keyring
      sudo mv $defaultKeyring $renamedKeyring
  2. Reboot the system
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