Installing IBM VPN Client

On a Linux Machine

# Install VPN Client
cd Desktop
wget $shellScript
sudo ./

# Start VPN daemon
sudo /usr/bin/vpnd

# Connecting
sudo /usr/bin/MotionPro --host "$remoteHost"

# Stopping the VPN daemon
sudo pkill vpnd

On a Windows Machine

# Download
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $fileUrl -OutFile $outFile

# Install - this doesn't work as of this writing
$dateStamp = get-date -Format yyyyMMddTHHmmss
$logFile = '{0}-{1}.log' -f $outFile,$dateStamp
$MSIArguments = @(
    ('"{0}"' -f $file.fullname)
Start-Process "msiexec.exe" -ArgumentList $MSIArguments -Wait -NoNewWindow

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