Install SSL on ScreenConnect

Generate cert & key from
Save the encrypted private key
Decrypt the private key
Download files into a directory on Windows client desktop
Rename ssl.key to screenconnectprivatekey.key
Download ScreenConnectConfigurator
Run ScreenConnectConfigurator and follow the wizard

#ssh to screenconnect server
install vsftp and set selinux & firewall permissions
Use Filezilla to upload the extracted 443.cer & 443.pvk files to the server's /home/kim
ssh to screenconnect server
cd /home/kim
mv 443.cer /opt/screenconnect/App_Runtime/etc/.mono/httplistener/443.cer
mv 443.pvk /opt/screenconnect/App_Runtime/etc/.mono/httplistener/443.pvk
vim /opt/screenconnect/web.config

#Set this value:
<add key="WebServerListenUri" value="https://+:443/"></add>

#Restart screenconnect:
/etc/init.d/screenconnect restart
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