In Search of an Appointment Calendaring System

Group I: WordPress Plug-in
Since websites are often built with Content Management Systems such as WordPress, it is logical to choose an application that integrates well with such framework. Below is a list of comparable products:
1. BirchPress Scheduler
– Features: multiple service providers, services, and locations
– Integrations: Paypal,, WooCommerce
– Notes: appointment booking is a single page form. General calendar does not yet have a function to choose an available time to make a booking
– Pricing: $199 for 1 site, $499 for 5 sites
– Our subjective rating: 8 of 10
2. wpBooking Calendar
– Features: multiple “resources,” which would translate to locations – no multiple services
– Integrations: Paypal,, Sage, iPay88 – no shopping cart
– Notes: general calendar is point and click. The booking process is not yet very polished
– Pricing: $749 for 1 site, $999 for 5 sites
– Our subjective rating: 6 of 10
3. Appointment+
– Features: multiple service providers & services – no locations
– Integrations: Paypal,, MarketPress, BuddyPress, Membership
– Notes: service providers have their individual pages, Membership module is useful for enticing sign-ups
– Pricing: $294 per year per site
– Our subjective rating: 8 of 10
4. WooCommerce Appointments
– Features: multiple locations & services – no multiple service providers
– Integration: Google Calenda, WooCommerce shopping cart
– Notes: this plugin is excellent for a property rental business
– Pricing: $69 single site, $129 10 sites, $199 25 sites
– Our subjective rating: 7 of 10
Group II: Purposed Applications
1. 10 to 8
– Features: multiple service providers, locations, and services
– Notes: this booking software is a standalone, cloud service application. users are entrusting their data on the vendor’s server. It is not a self-hosted solution
– Pricing: $25/month 3 users, $50/month 6 users, $150/month 25 users
– Our rating:
2. Timely
– Features: multiple service providers, locations, and services
– Notes: another cloud booking service
– Pricing: $24/month 2 users, $64/month unlimited PLUS $0.10 per SMS 
– Our rating: 

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