HPE: Gen8 Bios Settings to Prepare Host for Virtualization Role

Proliant Gen8 Blade Servers

HP Servers are often chosen as VMWare & Hyper-V hosts. To further optimize these “pizza boxes” for their intended purposes, here are the steps to prep these things:

At cold boot, select the “System Options” menu > choose option “Disabled” for each NICs from “Network Boot” capability

“Power Management Options” menu > “HP Power Profile” > select “Maximum Performance”

“Power Management Options” menu > “Advanced Power Management Options” > select “Maximum Performance” for the “Memory Power Savings Mode”

Set the correct date and time in the “Date and Time” menu

“Advanced Options | Advanced System ROM Options” menu > select “Disabled” for the “Power-on Logo

“Advanced Options | Advanced Performance Tuning Options” menu > select “Enabled” for the “ACPI SLIT Preferences”

Also set “Intel Performance Counter Monitor (PCM)”

Proliant Gen9 / Gen10 Servers

⦁ For Synergy Blade Servers the BIOS settings are pre-configured in the Server Profile Template.
⦁ For HPE Synergy Blade servers, use the Composer to create a Server Profile using the ESXi template to apply it to the appropriate server hardware.
⦁ This screenshot provides the expected BIOS settings.

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