HP Procurve Firmware Update

1. Obtain Switch Software

J9533A "5406zl" K.15.16.0005 ==> K.15.18.0016 ==> K.16.02.0019
J9729A "2920-48G PoE": WB.15.11.0007 ==> WB.15.15.0014 ==> WB.15.18.0013 ==> WB.16.03.0004 (latest)
J8774A "4208vl": L.11.43 ==> L.11.46
J9021AR "2810": N.11.69 ==> N.11.76
J9087A "2610-24-PWR": R.11.98 ==> R.11.119

2. Install TFTP server
a. Download from https://sourceforge.net/projects/tftp-server/?source=typ_redirect
b. Install and edit OpenTFTPServerMT.ini to allow read and write
c. Run the service

3. Make backup of switch configuration
a. connect to switch via telnet or ssh
b. run commands:
copy startup tftp <tftp-server-ip> <switch-name>.cfg

4. Perform Update firmware

# Check OS and ROm versions
show flash

copy tftp flash <IP address of TFTP server> <filename> sec #copy to secondary flash
boot system flash sec #reboot into secondary flash to test
copy flash flash pri #copy flash to primary if test succeeds
boot system flash pri #reboot into primary flash

copy tftp flash <tftp-server-ip> SOMETHING.swi sec
boot system flash sec
copy flash flash pri
boot system flash pri

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