How to Use XrmToolBox for Microsoft Dynamics 365

The following is an illustration of the usage of this nice and free utility to make bulk changes to users of your Dynamics CRM Application:

Step 1: Installing the CRM Toolbox

  • Download XrmToolBox from
  • Place it on the Desktop and extract the Zip file
  • Open the folder and execute the ‘XrmToolBox.exe’ utility with that purty icon

Step 2: Connect to Dynamics 365

  • Click on Configurations > Manage connections > New connection > Connection Wizard > Follow the instructions within to complete the connect setup

Step 3: Add a Plugin

  • Run the app > click on Visit XrmToolBox portal > Search for ‘User Settings Utility’ > Install it
  • Click on Tools > search for ‘User Settings’ > click on it to activate plugin

Step 4: Make Changes to User Settings

  • The XrmToolBox for Microsoft Dynamics with User Settings Utility (Org Name) would open with a connection to a live CRM App after the previous steps > click on Load Users and Settings
  • Put a check mark to one or many users whose settings need to be modified > on the right side, under General settings group, select a desired change (e.g. set Default Dashboard = Home) > click Update User(s) Settings > OK to acknowledge logged changes.
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