How to Setup Dynamic DNS with Google Domains & Ubiquity EdgeRouter

Step 1: Set up Dynamic DNS

– Access Google Domains:
– Click on the Manage button, next to your domain
– Click on DNS
– Scroll toward the bottom to click on Advanced Settings
– Click on Manage dynamic DNS
– Leave the hostname field blank, click on Save
– If this domain already has a record, click on Replace to proceed or Cancel to input a different sub-domain
– Click on the drop-down menu next to ‘Your domain has Dynamic DNS setup’
– Select View credentials to trigger a pop-up window
– Click on View to see the username and password generated for this domain
– Copy and paste the information into a notepad to be used in ‘Step 2’
– Select Close

Step 2: Configure EdgeRouter with Dynamic DNS

– Access the router: https://ip.address.of.router/#Services/DNS
– In section Dynamic DNS, click the Add Dynamic DNS Interface button
– Set these values:
  – Interface: eth0 (or WAN interface)
  – Web: <leave blank>
  – Web-skip: <leave blank>
  – Service: dyndns
  – Hostname: (or the hostname that has been setup in step 1)
  – Login: {username copied in step 1}
  – Password: {password copied in step 1}
  – Protocol: dyndns2
  – Server:
– Click on Apply
– Click on Force Update to expect this message ‘The configuration has been applied successfully’

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