How to Know if Your Colleague is a God (Like Thor)?

Sometimes, I sit back and watch the mind games in politics, companies, churches, and even small families… Here’re my observations, abstracted from a Movie:

Besides Thor and Captain America, there is one other entity that could lift Thor’s hammer (Mjolnir?), and his name is Vision. When watching that scene, I’ve thought to myself, ‘how does one determine the worthiness of a person?’ … If it were up to me, I would devise a structured approach in measuring a person’s multi-faceted character thresholds as meta-psychological evals are hard to grasp without objective data. Here are 10 items that I doubt Marvel Comics writers have had considered:

1. Moral compass: bring up very hard moral topics (e.g. abortion due to rape, sacrifice one child to save several)
2. Compassion: observe facial expression of the subject when confronted with someone else’s tragedy
3. Incorruptibility: test on whether person would cheat, steal, or abuse of power if given an opportunity
4. Trustworthiness: check the reliability of timeliness & delivery basing on his/her own commitments
5. Flexibility: force one to come up with an impossible solution such as the ‘Kobayashi Maru’ test.
6. Resiliency: how does the subject behave when defeated in a game, in an logical argument, or in a fight? Another method would be to temporarily restrict blood circulation to this person’s brain while he performs a difficult test, under duress (e.g. place tourniquets on the man’s limbs, then make him solve math problems or dodge rubber bullets)
7. Cleverness: how about a standardized IQ test? If not, present a problem that requires intelligence to solve (what’s the distance of 2 vehicles after 30 minutes if the difference of their speed is 50% and their directions are opposite? No scratch papers allowed as the solution would be a math equation rather than a static value)
8. Subconscious personality: give this person plenty of alcohol (or sodium thiopental)
9. Decisiveness: how long does one require to make a simple, complex, and very complex decision of high quality?
10. Vices: does the person have addiction to any of these 4 dopamine abuses (a) gambling (b) drugs/alcohol (c) sex (d) video games

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