How To Improve WordPress Website Rendering Speed

These are the recommended plug-ins to enable caching, database cleaning, image compressing, and minify codes to enhance a website’s response time.

Wp-Optimize: primary function is to optimize the WordPress Database and remove unnecessary data from tables (post revisions, auto-drafts, trashed). This may speed up SQL query response time. Other functions include page caching, minify JS/CSS/HTML (less matured than Autoptimize).

WP Super Cache: primary function is caching. It is different from other plugins in way that it converts all the php to html, thus reducing the server execution time everytime a request is made.

WP total cache: primary function is to provide caching. This is a contender to WP Optimize.

Autoptimize: primary function is minify JS/CSS/HTML, which optimizes delivery of of CSS and JQuery files on your website. This has been known to improve website speed.
– Optimize javascript code, Aggregate JS files, Also inline JS
– Optimize CSS Code, Aggregate CSS files, Also aggregate inline CSS
– Optimize HTML code
– Images: lazy load images, optimize images (glossy)
– Extra: Remove emojis, Remove query strings

Ewww image optimizer: primary function is to compress images for faster delivery.

a3 lazy load: primary function is to enable a ‘lazy load’ function to only trigger downloading of images when site scroller is in view. This does save bandwidth; thus, faster initial rendering is expected.

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