How To Create a Virtual Machine Administrator Role in SCVMM

Update: A new write-up has been posted with screenshots here.

Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) 2019 includes a new role, ‘VM administrator.’ This RBAC provides just enough permissions for read-only visibility into the fabric of the data center, but prevents escalation of privilege to fabric administration. (Source: Microsoft)

To create an RBAC role for VM administrator, go to Settings > User Roles > Create User Role > type in the name as ‘Virtual Machine Administrator’ > Next > select ‘Virtual Machine Administrator’ > Next > click Add > select Active Directory Users or Groups > OK > Next > narrow down the scope (e.g. ‘All Hosts’) > Next > put a check mark to each desired permissions (as listed below) > Next > Add Library Servers > Next > Add ‘Run As Accounts’ > Next > Finish

Virtual Machine Administrator Permissions:
- Migrate virtual machine (recommended)
- Migrate VM Storage (recommended)
- Pause and resume (recommended)
- Receive
- Remote connection
- Remove
- Save
- Share
- Shutdown (recommended)
- Start (recommended)
- Stop (recommended)
- Store and re-deploy
- Update VM functional level (recommended)

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