How to Cramp For a Test

From my experience, the trick to memorizing 10,000+ questions and answers at the 90% accuracy level was to read and perform hands-on practice on all questions the first time (took about 10-hour per day x 6 days x 19 weeks). Then, at the second time, I marked any questions that were recalled inaccurately. Third time, I only read the marked questions and reiterated until all the last batch could be recalled at 100% accuracy. On the test day, I would still miss some items and be surprised by a few more. I might have to retake the test more than once to pass at the scores of 85%+.
The trick is to trigger my brain to pay attention to only mistakes, not everything. It’s easy to do because we humans are natural at learning from mistakes. This is how proper planning can beat a genius.

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