How to configure IPMonitor for a server

After enabling the SNMP service via Server Manager > Features, go into Services and locate SNMP Service
                If not already, start the service and set it to Automatic
                Double-click on it to open and click on the Traps tab
                Type the following in the Community name field:
                Click on Add to list
                Click on Add… under Trap destinations: and type the following IP:
                Click Apply > OK
                Locate the Security tab and add the following community name:
                                Now add the following host:
Now log into IPMonitor ( and click on Devices > Add > Add New Device
                Enter the IP address of the server
                Leave the Windows Credentials as [ No Credential ]
                For the SNMP Credentials: enter the following:
                Leave the SNMP Version: at Version 1
Click Next
If done correctly, IPMonitor should now return a bunch of different “monitors” for that server.
Parent Device Group is My Network > click Create
Configuration mode: should be Use and existing alert > WM Alerts
Locate the server in the Managed Devices list and click once on it
Click on Edit > Properties > change the Device Name to reflect the Alias name of the server (FILESERVER02) > click on Apply > OK

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